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CNC Routed Versus Sandblasted Signs -

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We are often asked...

"Should I have my sign project cnc routed instead of sandblasted?"

We use the same high-end materials in our CNC Routed Signs as we do in our traditional Sandblasted Signs. The answer to that question is simple...

It is just a matter of your personal "taste."

These sign photos will answer any basic questions you may have about the difference between cnc v-groove routed signs and sandblasted style signage.


V-groove routed signs are produced from a very solid, very thick sheet of sign substrate. The sign material, referred to as the "sign blank," is primed and painted its final background color. The sign blank is then cnc v-carved "down" into the sign blank, which embosses the graphics down.

illustration of v-groove routed sign

Rule of thumb: Background "up" and smooth,
graphics "down" in a v-bevel.


Sandblasted style signage is produced from the same solid, very thick sheet of sign substrate. The "sign blank," is masked with a computer plotted rubber sandblast stencil. The sign blank background is then sandblasted "down" in your choice of sandblast texture, which leaves the rubber mask protected graphics embossed "up." The blast stencil is removed, and the sign blank is then primed and hand painted.

illustration of sandblasted sign

Rule of thumb: Background "down" and textured,
graphics raised "up".


There are a lot more dimensional signage styles other than cnc v-groove routed and sandblasted signs. Your best starting point to select from the vast dimensional signage technologies will be our complete online sign portfolio.

SignPortfolio.com is a complete online sign project photo gallery containing over 17,000 picture of completed sign projects. Feel free to reference any picture, or particular elements of a group of pictures you see that you like when making your next Online Estimate Request.

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