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We are often asked...

"Should I have my sign project cnc routed instead of sandblasted?"

We use the same high-end materials in our CNC Routed Signs as we do in our traditional Sandblasted Signs. The answer to that question is simple...

It is a matter of personal 'taste.'

By combining the finest sign industry materials with years of experience in proven sign fabrication methods, we can ensure each and every Sandblasted and CNC V-Groove Routed project that leaves our docks is the BEST money can buy. Our focus is providing eye-catching dimensional signage solutions that will LAST. In Both indoor and exterior applications, all of our sign solutions will prove a worthy investment.


Here are a handful of typical applications which would benefit from CNC Routed Signage and Displays:

Entrance of Subdivision, Business Park or Apartment Complex
Directional and Informative Signage
Building Locators, Yield Signs, Stop Signs, Speed Limit...
Street Name Post and Panel Assemblies
Historical Districts Markers and Dedication Plaques
Retail Development Tenant Signs
Lobby and Tradeshow Displays
Commercial Franchise Storefronts
Traffic and Parking Lot Markers
Parks and Recreational Facilities
Boat and Marine Environments
Vacation Home
Church Identity Signage and Memorials
Golf Course and Theme Parks

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Things to consider >

There are obviously a lot of steps in setting up any artwork to be sent properly to a computer router table. Once the CNC machine is allowed to run, there is no stopping it. With projects that are 'one-off' production runs, the preparation time may exceed the expense of another sign fabrication style, such as sandblasting.

Sandblasting, as well as hand carving signage, is a manual process and a collaboration of our skilled sign artists. In most cases where there is only one unit to be made, you might want to consider sandblasting to reduce costs of CNC machine setup time. Our sales team will be more than happy to review your project and make suggestions as to the most cost effective production method.

One of the clear advantages of letting a computer router table perform the work is on multiple quantity sign projects in a batch. This also guarantees perfect consistency throughout the fabrication process that can not be as controllable with manual methods of sign construction.

We have a variety of CNC router tables, each of which is set up for specific tasks. 3D Modeling, V-Groove Routing, Flat Cut Letters and Logos, 'Hog-Outs' (area clears or 'trench cutting'). Regardless of your intended sign application, we have the proper tools to do the job right.

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